Broadly, my research interests sit at the intersection between twentieth century American society, technology, and business. More specifically, I am interested in and have done research on:


(PDFs of any of the following can be requested via email.)

In press: Jeffrey Rubel, “’You Never Need an Analyst with Bobby Around’: Mid-Twentieth Century Human Sciences in Sondheim and Furth’s Musical Company”, History of the Human Sciences, likely summer 2021 

In press: Jeffrey Rubel, “Color and Light: Color Theory and Mechanization in Sunday in the Park with George’s Chromolume”, Studies in Musical Theater, likely summer 2021 

Jeffrey Rubel, “In a Sense Imperfect: Seedlessness and the American Quest for Convenience in Fruit,” presentation and paper at The Oxford Symposium for Food and Cookery, presented July 2018, published July 2019 

Jeffrey Rubel, “Something Within: Fish Preservation Through Time,” Graduate Journal of Food Studies, Spring 2018 

Ken Savitsky, Jeremy Cone, Jeffrey Rubel, and Richard Eibach, “Haters are All the Same: Perceptions of Group Homogeneity Following Positive vs. Negative Feedback,” Journal on Experimental Social Psychology, May 2016; associated op-ed in Quartz (2017) 

Jeffrey Rubel, “The Link Between Volcanoes, Phytoplankton, and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide” (poster), Williams College Summer Science Poster Session, July 2016 

Jeffrey Rubel, “The Waffle and Its Iron in America,” Petit Propos Culinaires (food history journal), April 2016