Undergraduate (Teaching Assistant)

GEOS 101: Co-Evolution of Earth and Life (Williams College)

GEOS 103: Climate Change and Natural Disasters (Williams College)

GEOS 212: Paleobiology (Williams College)

High School (Head Teacher)

9th grade: Biology 1, semester course (Episcopal Academy)

9th grade: Earth and Environmental Science 1, semester course (Episcopal Academy)

10th grade: Honors Chemistry, year-long (Episcopal Academy)

Other Teaching Work

4th grade: BioEYES genetics (Williamstown Elementary School)

4th-6th grade: Architectural design elective (Williamstown Elementary School)

6th grade: Guest lecturer, for six years, on mass extinctions (The Pembroke Hill School)

6th-8th grade: Science Olympiad coach (The Pembroke Hill School)

11th grade: Physics teaching assistant (Mount Greylock Regional School)

11th grade: ScienceBlast founder (Mount Greylock Regional School)

9th-12th grade: Writing tutor (Mount Greylock Regional School)

9th-12th grade: Envirothon coach (Mount Greylock Regional School)


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